1. About this Guide

This guide has been created in order to help sales engineers, product managers, or network specialists demonstrate the PacketFence capabilities on-site with an existing or potential customer. It can also provide guidelines to setup a proof of concept for a potential PacketFence deployment using the Barracuda firewall.

2. Assumptions

  • You have a configured PacketFence environment with working test equipment;

  • You have a Barracuda firewall.

3. Quick installation

3.1. Step 1: Configuration of the Barracuda in PacketFence

Go to Configuration → Integration → Firewall SSO → Add Firewall → Barracuda.

  • Hostname or IP Address: IP of your Barracuda

  • Firewall type: Barracuda (Barracuda = SSH requests)

  • Password: secret

  • Port: 22

  • Roles: add the roles that you want to do SSO

Create the SSO agent in Barracuda

3.2. Step 2: Verification

For our example, when the user registers on the portal it will be registered and the role staff will be assigned. The PacketFence server will send a request to the Barracuda database.

If you want to see if it’s working, open an SSH access to your Barracuda and run this command following commands:

acpfctrl auth show

You will get that:

[root@baracudafw:~]# acpfctrl auth show
1 entries